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Engraving of a viola d’amore circa 1700 from Musicalishes Theatrum, by Johann Christian Weigel


Let's start with a couple of mine ... Please feel free  to send me yours! ~ Jennie

Discovering  the Viola d'Amore
~  by  Jennie Hansen

Photo of Jennie Hansen, violist d'amore
Discovering  the Viola d'Amore ~  by  Jennie Hansen

Published in the Viola Forum of the American String Teacher magazine - Fall, 1995

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Cover of Fenway Court Magazine,  1984

Charles Martin Loeffler and the Eberle Viola d'amore
~   by  Jennie  Hansen

Published in Fenway Court, the Journal of the Isabella Stewart  Gardner Museum in Boston - 1984

(click on cover image to read the article)

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