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Viola d' Amore Acrylic Print by Vessela Kolibarova ​

Viola d' Amore

Acrylic Print by Vessela Kolibarova

Amore Publications

Amore Music Publications was created in 1990 for the purpose of publishing the compositions and arrangements of two luminary violists and violists d'amore—Aurelio Arcidiacono and Milton Thomas. Two publications were put into print, and then this project was put aside for nearly 30 years. Our aim is to more widely circulate these publications, to give access to articles about the viola d'amore and to offer scans of hard-to-find or out-of-print scores for the viola d'amore  as  well. Please contact us and let us know what you are searching for, or what you may have to offer!

And please check back as we will adding things to our site on a regular basis.

 Editor & Publisher

Jennie Hansen

retired violist and violist d'amore

(818) 383-1004

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