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Scroll, Rauch viola d'amore, 18th century
16 Studi-Capricci by Aurelio Arcidiacono, sheet music,  Amore Publications

In October, the International Viola d'amore Society will honor Aurelio Arcidiacono

at their bi-annual Viola d'amore Congress in Palermo, Sicily.

There will be several performances of his caprices presented, taken from the publication featured here:

16 Studi-Capricci by Aurelio Arcidiacono

To purchase sheet music for Aurelio Arcidiacono's 16 Studi-Capricci, or for Three Italian Dances, arr by Milton Thomas, please send us a messsage below and we will email you a payment link, through paypal. (Credit cards are accepted.) Please include your email address, mailing address and phone number.

$20* USD plus shipping

($15 - European/ $10 - US)

*  Reduced rates for multiple copies available on request. Kindly send us a message.

$10* USD plus shipping

($15 - European/ $10 - US)

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Amore Publishing Co. is a resource for viola d'amore players. We offer the music we have published, articles about the viola d'amore as well as scans of hard-to-find manuscripts and out-of-print sheet music. This is a work in progress, so check in from time to time  to see what is new in our offerings.

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